Welcome!  The Law Offices of Thomas J. McGuire, are dedicated to assist you with your legal issues whether you are paying or receiving child support.  The Ohio Child Support System can be complicated and difficult to navigate.  We will assist you in addressing your concerns and ensuring that your child support order is fair. 

If you are currently paying child support, we can assist you in the modification process, and ensuring that you are receiving all the credits you are entitled to under current law.  Also, we are able to assist you in other areas that may be affected by your child support, i.e. driving license issues, visitation issues, criminal matters, and civil contempt proceedings.  We believe that you should be treated fairly and respectfully, especially when you are having difficulty making your child support payments. 

If you are receiving child support, or are supposed to be receiving child support, we can assist you in enforcing your child support order.  We are equipped to assist you in pursuing civil contempt charges against the person ordered to pay support.  There are other mechanisms in place that we are able to pursue to collect the back-due child support you and your children are entitled to.  We understand your situation and the frustration that comes with the lack of enforcement of a child support order.  Our offices are dedicated to assisting you in pursuing the enforcement of your order and ensuring that your children are supported!

If you have questions regarding the commencement of child support orders, our offices are here to answer your questions, and assist you in pursuing the child support order. 

Please contact us and you will speak directly to an attorney who is knowledgeable in this area and will be able to assist you.